Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

I get a lot of questions about what mascara I use and here it is! This has been my absolute favourite mascara for the longest time. I used to be a big fan of Majolica Majorca mascaras, but after I came to Japan and tried this I was converted for life. I can't believe I have not done a proper review on this mascara!! Better late than never :D

One of the reasons why I decided to try this mascara was because it was rated #1 as the top mascara 2 years in a row on Cosme. I seriously love that site, because everything I have tried that are given the top spot end up becoming my faves as well!! I feel like I can really trust those reviews because they are based on honest consumer reviews. This mascara also has FIVE stars on SaSa. You can buy this mascara from that site!

About this mascara:

Long lasting and super waterproof against tears, sweat, grease.
Includes a curling polymer and keeps your eyelashes curled.
Mascara also has tiny fibers, which stick onto lashes firmly and lengthens.


:26: Noticeably lengthens lashes! "To the sky~"
:26: Lashes stay nice and separated, no clumping!
:26: Lightweight, lashes stay curled!!
:26: Super longlasting and waterproof
:26: Does not smudge or flake off, no raccoon eyes!
:26: Good with layering on several coats and dries quickly
:26: Volume is added with each coat
:26: I love curved mascara wands!

:27: Without a good makeup remover or cleanser, it can be hard to take off
:27: Packaging could be cuter...

OVERALL: ★★★★★

A good tip when applying this mascara is to let it dry in between coats. Once you apply it on one eye, apply it to your next eye and do this back and forth for both bottom and upper lashes. For nice and long fattened up lashes I usually apply 3 coats. As you can see from the pictures, this is great for bottom lashes!

If you have trouble removing mascaras, I also know a super good makeup remover which I also got because it was also previously #1 on Cosme. It doesn't sting, is non-sticky and doesn't leave a residue!

I know a lot of people are a big fan of the Fiberwig mascara. I have never tried it but having this I see no point! I would want to try it for comparison purposes. But I highly recommend this mascara to everyone! It even has rave reviews on Makeupalley.

I don't often use falsies on my bottom lashes and I just use this mascara. I give it 2 thumbs and even my toes up. Really love it. Hope this review was useful and someone ends up liking this mascara as much as I do!